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bassotto wrote:

The new filter I got from UQG Optics for my Kodak pro srl/n is defective, this is the fact.
They didn't answer to any of my clarification's requests , this is another fact.

I had a virtually journey around the world from may to find my filter and finally I got a defective one :-(.

UQG didn't answered to none of my last three requests, this is my last one on July 20.

"Dear Mr Biggs,Kelvin,

I already wrote you two mail without an answer and I don't understand how it can be possible,

the filter you sent to me is defective because there is an imperfection on a coating.

I sent to you the link of DPR forum where you could see the matter and then answer your judgment to me but at this moment no replay at all from you, this generate many embarrassment to me.

If I misunderstood something tell me please, is not maybe three days enough time for an answer?

You are very far away from me but I think is not a good reason to ignore my request, I payed all you asked to me before the shipment isn't it, because I know the business on the WEB is based on trust and therefor, I thought this would guaranteed to me courtesy, seriousness and quality.
I'll be waiting for an answer
have a wonderful day
Massimo "

I am really astonished of this situation, everything they could think about, they have believe don't be the case to comunicate it to me, why?
Or they ignore me because they already known the defect?
Is this the way to work of UQG Optics Ltd?

"UK Optical company based in the heart of the Cambridge Scientific community"

What about public relations?

"Please contact our sales team who will offer a personal rapid response to your enquiries"

Rapid responses?
Ha Ha Ha!

They have an obsolete catalog, they updated it after one week I asked several times to them a product they had no more.

At first I asked on June 22:
I need for an IR UV 31.9 x 44.9 mm2 ± 0.2mm. thickness 0.7
because hey have a custom section for IR cut off filter,
is this not clear enough?

very nice web site
" Custom Sizes and Options
Diameters: 5mm – 410nm
Squares/Rectangles: 1mm – 265mm
Thickness: 0.30mm, 0.55mm and 0.70mm
Edges: As cut/bevelled or ground
Materials: Sodalime glass and Desag D263"

Therefor I asked a 31.9 x 44.9 mm2 ± 0.2mm. thickness 0.7
is not this clear enough?

"The stock part 0.30mm thick is actually 0.55mm thick. This is an error on the website" Mr Biggs answered to me on June 28

At last we reach an agreement for the 0.55 but all this procedure was very tricky

I payed for a filter on June 28 but I received after a request of 35.00+ Vat GBP for cut the filter!
On June 28!!!
Very speedy to ask money!

"The size of the stock filter is 50mm x50mm x 0.55mm thick. If you need 31.90x44.90mm this will need to be custom cut which is another £35.00 for setting and cutting charges.
Kind Regards
Kelvin Biggs
Sales Director"

OK no problem!

Now I got a defective filter!!!!

Any contribute is appreciated please.
tomorrow early in the morning I will go out of town till September,

I will get no internet connection so easy therefor I could not respond maybe till that time.
Have all you a nice time and good shots.

I just sent to UQG the link of this page

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