Will iMac & iMovie Play Well with RX100?

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Re: Will iMac & iMovie Play Well with RX100?
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50i/60i is a very nasty format when it comes to editing (and deinterlacing, which, when done right (with motion compensation), takes ages). Is there any way of updating / swapping your Dune player to something better? Even an iPad 1 would do as even it plays 1080p60 videos without problems.

Another method would be shooting in 50p (which produces FAR better results) and creating 50i content for your video player. It's a much easier and better approach than shooting in 50i and edit (incl. deinterlacing) that footage.

If you absolutely don't want to switch to recording in 50p, I elaborate on how deinterlacing / interlaced editing is done but, again, you should go in one of the two above-mentioned ways.

Cecco wrote:

Menneisyys wrote:

1, use AVCHD as it's of much higher quality / effective resolution

2, get iVI and drag the MTS files in it. It should convert (=remux, meaning it just quickly changes the file format) them to MP4 files

3, import the newly-created MP4 files into iMovie.

Great info, thank you very much. Knew about Clickwrap but never heard of iVI.

Concerning frame rate and interlace mode:

I found, that all 25 fps modes (have a PAL model), whether AVCHD or MP4, don't give me a smooth playback especially on scenes with slow panning. 50i and 50p works well. Unfortunately my Dune media player connected to my TV cannot play 50p, so I preferred to record in 50i. Never tried to edit 50i in iMovie but I assume it will either not work or at least won't preserve 50i on output. Do you have any experience with this?

Furthermore have you done simple edits (cuts/joins) without first reencoding to AIC (as iMovie does IMHO) on the Mac? I know Vegas Studio is capable of doing this but it is Windows only. I've read about a Mac Product from Auntsoft, but never tried it. Probably you can do it with stock Quicktime Player after remuxing the MTS files to MOV? What is your recommendation?

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