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gollywop wrote:

I'm far from an expert on read noise (Bob is the person to ask), but I don't think that many sources of read noise are direct functions of the strength of the signal.

Bob has been chiming in on various issues here, maybe he'll join this subthread as well. I'm still wondering if there are any parts of your read noise (all sensor related, non-light contained noise) that are signal related.

thanks for your information and take care,

Good to hear you here, Bob.

The noise that is usually called 'read noise' is not signal related. Conventionally the noises present in the normal signal are:

shot noise, which is determined by square root of the number of photons per sample

Is this, in your mind, exactly the same as GB's photon noise?

pixel respons non-uniformity, which is caused by differences between pixels, their gain their capacity and so on. PRNU isn't strictly a 'noise' rather it is a response pattern which is differently multiplies the captured samples, thus creating 'noise'. Thus it is proportional to the signal, the number of photons per sample.


read noise, the background electronic noise, which is thermal noise in the electronic components in the read chain. This is not proportional at all to the signal.

So, in the conventional noise models, signal dependent noises would be factored into PRNU rather than read noise.

My question here is answered by your answer to my question above.

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