Does Panasonic G and GH line lack x--factor ?

Started Jul 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Does Panasonic G and GH line lack x--factor ?
Jul 22, 2012


Watching a lot of review over time, and having a Panasonic G2 myself that does not really inspire me have an observation.

It seems many many reviewers are very taken with the OMD, its clear from the treads here that its a camera surrounded by hype, and most love it when they have it. It seems to inspire photographers to actually go out and shoot. One thing is the technical quality that has to be present in a modern cam, but to me the "x-factor" is very important, the camera needs to be a great and inspiring tool to use.

It ceartainly seem that the OM-D has that. Now many reviewers actually feels the same about the nex7 with its high focus on alternative user interface / button layout.

That brings me to the panasonic. Now my G2 is quite old, but i newer really connected with it. For one its slow like dragging feet in the mud, that takes a lot of the pleasure out of shooting for me for sure. But it just does not feel like a tool that inspires me to use it. Looking at the G3 and G5 i get a bit the same impression. Incremental and important upgrades, BUT the wauw factor, the x-factor if you will seems just very low. Look at the amount of posts regarding G5, almost none, while the OM-d is all over the place. Its obvious that the OM-d has x-factor. I just want to hold that thing and try shooting with it, if not Oly was so poor at implementing video.... sigh....

Anyhow how do you feel about this highly un scientific approach. Do you feel that Panasonic has important x-factor, or do you like me think they are a bit boring and unispiring tools, in spite of what they are technically capable off ?

Kind regards


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