Introduction to RAW

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R Dunlop
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Introduction to RAW

Like many others in this forum there comes a time when you ask yourself why don't I shoot in RAW? Having read the articles and forum threads I am well versed in the pro's and cons. It's also a next step after working through and learning the process of digital photography. I have like many others produced JPEG fine and tweaked in CS5, why would I need to tackle a RAW file.

My local newsagent had some Digital Photo magazines May 2012 issue 155 out on a special stand, I picked up a copy that included a CD with shoot RAW for better quality pictures.

I followed the workshops and found some really interesting tools, especially with landscapes and have spent some hours now learning the process.

I guess if you are a pro with a wedding or event it would be very time consuming. If however you are able to spend the time it is a very versatile and effective way of PP your landscape photos.

I have included an example, its not the best picture in the world but it shows the features of a RAW convertor that has been tweaked for white balance, ND graduated filter and exposure adjustments. I found it a lot less formidable than I anticipated.

The picture is a disused 1 mile jetty in Carnarvon Western Australia, I set the aperture priority around f13 and used the focus on manual at 1m to give me a hyperfocal distance around 1/2m to infinity.

The foreground details is very sharp, the dynamic range and exposure has been tweaked. I am interested in others as to comments regarding the use of RAW v's JPEG. My experience so far is the flexibility of RAW and I may be a new convert when time and location permits.
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