D800 slow buffer?

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Translation: I'm pretending to be sophisticated, but I'm really a complete a-hole.
Well, at least you "gave up".... even though you keep responding.

And if I am a troll, then it's quite obvious that you have a very weak-mind to be so EASILY taken in.

BTW: a couple of posts down, I made a post 2 Hours ago that expresses nothing but praise for someone what took the time to explain it right. I don't necessarily agree completely, but it was a post that did not get involved with this petty little trite bantering that you can't help yourself from continuing.

The good news is that from your picture I can tell that your'e old. Which means that you're going to die long before me. So consider it this way, YOU WIN, YOU'RE RIGHT, GOOD JOB!!! But you'll be dead, and I'll still be taking pictures.

Guidenet wrote:

Ok, I give up. No matter what or how people attempt to explain it to you, you will continue not to understand or refuse to understand the idea of lossless compression. Maybe some day, but not now.

My attitude and treatment of you was in relation to your rude and immature treatment of others on this thread and other threads. Mostly, I've seen nothing but flame baiting and grandiose stances that include some of the most ignorant posturing I've seen online.

Many of the people on these forums are respected professionals with post graduate degrees in the subjects you choose to argue. Sometimes these subjects transcend photography and get into various areas of science and mathematics. By your vernacular and writing style, you come across as a not yet educated perennial sophomore. Some of these people take the time to try to enlighten you. I suggest you listen more and yap less. I also suggest you be more respectful in your mannerisms to the many here who are more educated and more intelligent than you've presented yourself so far to be.

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Cheers, Craig

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There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

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