25mm 1.4 - Why I love this lens

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Jonas, let me pick your brain
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Jonas B wrote:

DonSantos wrote:

Captured this image today from a photoshoot.

That is a great image. I don't say that often. Here it is about the expression and the moment you captured. But...

Agree : the photo's main quality is in the moment and expression.
Sharpness is OK but not stellar.

Super sharp wide open with great bokeh and razor thin dof.

...no, the lens isn't super sharp wide open, the DOF isn't razor thin and the bokeh is not great. I would say "sharp", with a DOF corresponding to a FF camera with a 50/2.8 lens on it (offering shallow DOF at short distances only) and a varying rendering of the out of focus parts of the image, maybe you can sum it (the bokeh) up and say it is ordinary.

I know some will take that as me bashing the lens. Maybe I am. But, I have owned the 4/3 version since it was released until a year ago and then I have owned the micro version since it was released and since buying it it has been my most used lens and that with a great margin.

That I can understand.
I have always thought of you as a "fast standard prime" kind of person.

The bokeh can sometimes be quite busy depending on the relative distances between the focal plane and the back- or foreground. Sometimes you get these bright rings clearly visible in OOF highlights, the bokeh also suffers from quite some CA and the mechanical vignetting makes those odd highlight shapes towards the corners. In other situations the bokeh is great, just as with any lens. In your image all this can be seen (and B&W is often preferably) but it is not very bad here. The image itself is what I remember in this case. Well done!

Interesting that you also express some kind of preference for B&W in this kind of photo. Great minds think alike...

What really makes the lens so nice to use it that it is "sharp" wide open and that over a larger part of the image than what we usually see from lenses this fast. That's a relief for us small sensor users as our cameras and lenses this way in many cases (but not all) can compete with larger and more expensive stuff.

If you are coming from the P&S or cell phone world, then of course the lens is all what you say it is. I wish they had worked more on the LoCA, kept the aperture ring from the 4/3 version and made the focusing ring more damped.

I am currently still enjoying the PL25mmF1.4 on my FT gear.

My focusing ring has developed some slack and I had to glue it stuck, but it gives the lens character (like a war wound...).

I also want to use it on µFT and am pretty sure I should just stick with my FT version and not bother getting the µFT version.

If I want to really spend more money on a fast 25mm for µFT, the Nokton looks tempting...
Your thoughts?



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