New Canon EOS M with EF-M Mount

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Canon strategy
In reply to whyamihere, Jul 21, 2012

whyamihere wrote:

Which brings me to why I think people who believe a better Canon M-ILC exists somewhere are crazy - because you are. Canon has no good reason to make one. The rise of big-sensor compact cameras is pretty easy to explain - it's better than the average P&S and isn't so complicated the average user is confused.

Here's a (admittedly slightly wild) hypothesis:

Canon are playing a long term game and this is not just a knee jerk reaction to the unexpected boom in CSC sales from other manufacturers. They've waited long enough to get to this point that it might suggest deliberation rather than hesitation. Now is when the technology is getting mature enough to move.

The writing is on the wall for the traditional DSLR within the next decade or so. The benefits of a high-quality EVF will eventually outweigh those of an SLR OVF with its accompanying mirror and optics. Electronics are easier to manufacture than complex optical paths.

This release can be seen as just the first step in the transition to a post-SLR future. We've seen Canon's vision of the future in their Wonder Camera Concept ( ) and that sure as hell doesn't have a mirror.

This first offering targets compact-upgraders, but Sony and Olympus have demonstrated that people are prepared to pay handsomely for an enthusiast-level CSC.

EF-M and EF-S can coexist for some time, with people eventually being tempted to cross-grade from their APS-C SLRs with the guarantee of compatibility with their existing EF-S (and EF) lenses jn a way that makes more sense than Nikon's choice with CX. Eventually, however, EF-M will supplant the APS-C SLR standard. Canon don't lose an upgrade path from EF-S to full-frame EF mount in this scenario, because there was never one before; you can't use EF-S lenses on a full frame body.

Of course this begs the question of what will happen to full frame in the long term.

One possibility is that Canon move their pro business wholesale to EF-M, counting on sensor technology improvements to overcome the limitations of the smaller format. the benefit is that Canon then have only one range of lenses to support with an easy path for people to upgrade from consumer to pro formats. However, this seems unlikely.

The other options are to develop a new, full-frame variant of EF for use with post-SLR 'Pro' bodies. However, perhaps most simple would be to retain the existing EF mount for full frame with EVF. Pro users (I'm thinking 1-series guys) are probably quite happy with the size of their cameras and lenses.

To do so would allow Canon to continue to offer both OVF and EVF body variants until demand for OVF bodies falls away.

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