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Re: D600 Extremely Important to Nikon's Business Strategy
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CFynn wrote:

Scott McL wrote:

At ~$1500+ price point, the D600 will yield many, many more Nikon converts in the marketplace and crank up Nikon's market share much more significantly.

Rumours are that Canon is also coming out with a low price full full frame camera this fall. If so, I'll bet the prices are similar. Neither company is going to want to loose existing customers transitioning from APS-C to full frame.

However, Canon has a problem with the design of its range. Look at the likely spec of the D600, it is well separated from the D800, if only because of the remarkable 36MP sensor of the D800, which seems to offer value, simply because it offers something you couldn't previously get under $10k or so. However, while the spec is different from the D800, it's really rather close to the 5DIII. You end up arguing the toss over one extra metal body panel and 22 focus points. Clearly the Canon has a better spec, but $2000 better? So, Canon's problem is that to keep the 5DIII in business, they need to significantly cripple the low end FF, and if they do that, it's not going to compete too well against the D600. Anything Canon makes will sell pretty well, just due to brand momentum, but it's still another bit of the market where Nikon will gain an edge.

Canon may have a problem differentiating the cameras - but I think they may have to do it anyway just to make sure that their crop frame DSLR users upgrading to full frame don't switch to Nikon in droves. It is one situation where the lock-in of existing lenses etc is relatively weak.

On another front, Canon's new about-to-be-announced mirrorless camera seems to be an APS-C based system. The initial model doesn't look all that that awe inspiring, but I'd guess the APS-C sensor is likely to blow the Nikon 1's small sensor out of the water IQ wise. There it looks like it is Canon that could gain an edge. I expect Nikon may have to respond with a large sensor mirrorless camera system of their own.

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