Damn, Canon makes hot mirrorless cam :(

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Re: More picture ... looks UGLY !!!
In reply to Jon Rty, Jul 21, 2012

I think this is a fair comment. I've run the gamut in mirrorless systems. From the E-Ps to the NEX 7s to the X-Pro 1s and pretty much everything in between. At the end of the day, I usually find too much of a trade off to keep them. In a short amount of time after I've run the camera through its paces, they end up sold.

I've been waiting quite some time for Canon's intro into the mirrorless market. There are many others like me that shoot Canon that would simply add this to their kit (and any future enthusiast/pro model) because of the perceived value. With m43, I'm investing into lenses and a system that requires me to acquire additional incompatible accessories, lenses and gear. If I wanted to decide to take the particular camera on a job or simply as a vacation snapper, I'd have to choose between systems. Now, I will be able to simply mix and match.

On a shoot sometimes, I can toss in a 60D and now an EOS M, and if I'm doing a lighting workshop or even a casual TF shoot, I still have compatibility with my existing lenses and strobes. Bonus, that the EOS M system will have lens correction and electronic passthrough for my EF lenses.

With a stable of Canon gear from 600ex wireless radio flashes to TS-E lenses and Super zooms, I have additional options. With Canon's decision to stay with APS-C and a standard hot shoe, I enjoy a much better conversion factor on all of my existing lenses and accessories. m43 enjoys small lenses, but I find a 2x crop incongruent with how I am used to using my lenses and not quite small enough to do away with a camera bag. This is also why I found Nikon's 1 system to be a bit of an issue as well with an almost 2.7x crop factor, yet still not quite small enough to be pocketable. If I truly wanted pocketable, the RX100 from Sony fits the bill quite well or even the newest LX7, and if I want a relatively small compact system, the EOS M system will now fit the bill just as well. I then have my options for using my 1 and 5 series bodies for more serious work.

Canon's decision to wait and bringing in anything revolutionary is them taking the watch and wait approach. They may have positioned themselves after watching the initial gamut of mirrorless entries, and then subsequently Nikon's approach. I would say a portion of Canon shooters that are currently using an alternative solution might switch back depending on how entrenched they are in Canon's ecosystem.

Jon Rty wrote:

Well, if what a customer chooses is based on perceived value. A Canon DSLR user is more likely to go with a Canon EVIL due in part because of brand loyalty, and in part because the perceived value of being able to use existing lenses. How valuable that in the end turns out to be is of course questionable. The idea isn't that adapted lenses would replace a native line-up, but to offer additional incentive to choose Canon over competing brands, and thus to provide user lock-in. Then there's of course the fact that lenses after a certain focal-length gain very little by going mirrorless. Once the flange distance of a mirror-box isn't a problem anymore, you can't make lenses that much smaller even on a shorter flange, meaning that telephotos won't be significantly smaller adapter or native.

gordon1000 wrote:

I would agree if it is a fact that majority of Canon DSLR users are pro users or people who own a few pro-grade lenses. I see quite a few tourists with Canon DSLRs around and most with kit lens on and I wonder if the lens + adaptor + EOS-M’s weight and size disadvantages would turn them off to more compact and light weight m4/3 system with good selection of native lenses and comparable IQ. Like it did for me when I decided to buy a m4/3 camera.

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