Sony sensor in Oly microscope, not EM-5

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Re: The origins and rise of column-parallel ADC
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NorCor wrote:

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bobn2 wrote:

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Unlikely: it is the Panasonic MN34070 ...

Still possible though that the designs, or some part of the IP is licenced and fabricated by Panasonic.

Possible, but I think it is more likely that column-parallel on-chip ADC is just the "next big thing", and every major sensor maker is working on it. Sony did not invent it, and indeed Samsung had the first commercial product using this approach, but only in a video camera sensor. A search of patents and research papers suggests that original idea came from research at Stanford University and at Kodak, way back in the 1990‘s. However most recent research, turning a good idea into a viable product, seems to be from Japan and South Korea ... a familar pattern!

Whatever the facts, I would love to see Panasonic and Sony get into a race to design the best 4/3“ format sensors. (I do not care who then gets the contract to fab. those good designs, or who puts their name on the chip.)

That's a race that Sony will always win. Sony has been developing the Exmor concept for over five years now, and the new ones perform far better than the originals. Simply, Sony with its huge volumes can put a lot more into sensor R&D than Panasonic can, or Canon for that matter. In another forum, I put forward the idea that it would make sense for Canon and Panasonic to merge their relatively small sensor operations in order to better take on the likes of Sony. It makes sense, but wasn't exactly a popular suggestion.

Sony and Panasonic are collaborating TV related…

Sure, these corporations can collaborate on some things, compete in others, have many different collaborations with different partners. Collaboration on one thing doesn't mean collaboration on everything, or that another collaboration is excluded.

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