I love Canon but I won’t be making excuses for them anymore.

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Slideshow Bob
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Re: Yes, they would.
In reply to David Hull, Jul 20, 2012

David Hull wrote:

Slideshow Bob wrote:

Love how you guys only shoot static subjects and on perfectly calm days. Yep, that multi exposure stacking really is the be all and end all of higher DR scenes. Thank god nothing moves in Canonland!

Come on, open your eyes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having higher DR. While the OP's example is extreme, the ability to capture more of the scene DR can only be a good thing.


I think that people are just commenting that the examples that almost always start or accompany these discussions never illustrate anything close to the case you are describing. In almost every case it is a static scene where nothing whatsoever is in motion. In most of these examples including the one that opened this thread, an alternative technique would achieve the same result and probably a technically better one (assuming ultimate IQ is truly the primary goal) using just about any camera.

O.k, point taken. But having extended DR in the camera is not the same as creating DR with stacked exposures. Stacking imposes a considerable number of restrictions that limits it's application. Higher sensor DR does not.

It is only the OP's choice of subject and exposure that is open to debate (although that's not really the point of his post). The technology that allows for such an extreme push is pretty terrific.


David Hull wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

DotCom Editor wrote:

I learn more about individual photographers than equipment this way.

Otherwise, the photographer would have to take multiple exposures and merge in post, which, of course, is what the photographer shooting with a Canon sensor would need to do in the case of a high DR scene.

With the most likely result being an overall less noisy photograph when the multiple shot approach were used -- so much for being concerned about IQ :-).

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