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Artefact issue with Helicon filter 5

Started Jul 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Zdenek Janda
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Re: Artefact issue with Helicon filter 5
In reply to RealXenuis, Jul 18, 2012

Many thanks for such much attention and repeated care about me. But don't worry, be happy.

RealXenuis wrote:

Having read your exciting posts, I can see how I've disappointed you. I hope you're not too blue in the face.

Zdenek Janda wrote:

It was good time spend with you, especially reading your comment on alleged blue-tint of faces , but please stop communication with me, you begin to be boring.

Bye, bye.

RealXenuis wrote:

I think you're confused about who's serious here. Go back and read my comments. A little reading comprehension can go a long way!

Zdenek Janda wrote:

RealXenuis wrote:

I doubt you and I have different color perception. Biologically, our eyes operate within a very fine tolerance. I'm pretty sure 99/100 times, we're both gonna call blue blue.

My iMac at home which is calibrated shows a blue hue in skin tone of the faces of the people on the right.

You guys are taking these comments too personally/seriously. It wasn't a personal attack on you - or your camera, if that's something you care about. Chill out.

Zdenek Janda wrote:

RealXenuis wrote:

If I were you all, I would be more concerned with the blue-tinted faces of the family on the right....

Probably You and I have different color perception (and/or differently calibrated monitor) because in the picture I posted in my first post I don't see that family on the right has blue-tinted faces....

But thank you for caring about me....

I am really surprised that you guys, who take photography so seriously, are more concerned with alleged blue-tint and minor artefacts in foliage rendering, than in serious flaw in exposure adjustment of base picture.

It's funny to me, actually.

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