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Detail Man wrote:

It is not the fault (or the liability) of UniWB that a desire to drive RAW-channels into non-linear states seems to be a desirable way to proceed for some people. If you have a bias against UniWB, you have a bias against accuracy in measurment in general.

I have no bias against UniWB, it's very clever and useful. But it may not be the best choice of WB in some situations given the state of PP HR.

Where we need more DR than we have, we must make choices (lets exclude multishot HDR). Just exposing as normal ETTR and not blowing any channels isn't necessarily the best exposure if it means loss of detail in the dark areas. Colour detail may be simply less important in the brighter areas, but we may not just want a uniform blob of white/colour to fill the highlights. By blowing one or two channels we will (in most situations) be able to get more detail in the dark areas and still retain enough detail in the highlights. This may well be the best solution.

But UniWB isn't really the right tool here because it can't tell the difference between one channel blown and three channels blown; what we want to know is that the green channel isn't clipped or the blue channel isn't clipped or the red channel isn't clipped (or the red and green channels aren't clipped, etc.). A set of N WB / histogram threshold settings could give us that information and allow us to expose for PP HR. We could even give them useful names like SkyWBHR, FloraWBHR, MarsWBHR.

It's not my fault cameras don't tell us what we want to know. If they did we wouldn't need UniWB and we wouldn't need FloraWBHR.

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