So...Where are the E-Mount lenses which Sony promised?

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zackiedawg wrote:

ChrisKramer1 wrote:

I bought the NEX 5n in March, believing that the kit zoom would be good enough until a high quality standard zoom (G) lens appeared later in the year. In the event, the kit zoom was so bad, I simply could not use it. I loathe the images it produces and feel pretty angry that any manufacturer would release a kit lens of such abysmal quality.

Not sure if you're one of the people who's been told this in the past, but if your kit lens is that bad, get another one. Every time someone comes along who labels the kit lens unusably bad, others counter it with clear examples that the kit lens is perfectly fine. Which can only mean one of two things: 1. One of the two parties is completely nuts, or 2. There is some product control issues with the lenses and some come out bad and others quite good. If you think scenario 1 is true - then there's nothing you can do - you're right, they're wrong and crazy. If scenario 2 is true, then exchanging your kit lens for another could yield the magical good results you wanted to begin with.

I think I'm completely nuts.( Because of the poor quality of the kit lens).

With such a limited range of lenses available (TWO!), I find I do not pursue photography anything like I used to.

There are 8 Sony eMount lenses, not 2. Though maybe only two fit within the focal range you are looking for. There are 3 additional third-party eMount lenses, of which you've tried one. I don't have experience with the Sigma 30mm, but didn't realize it caused any lockup problems on the NEX - I have seen many posting very nice results with it, and haven't noticed a rash of lockup posts.

Sony's offerings do not appeal and I do not want the Tamron 18-200. Ideally, I'd like a 16 - 85 but that ain't going to happen. So I have to make do with the Sigmas. There is the 50mm from Sony which is also good. However, it's the high quality standard zoom that I need.

However, Sony's support is just plain lousy and gives a good insight into why the company is having such difficulties. (I mean, just how many DSLRS do they need????)

Sony doesn't currently have any DSLRs. Sony is also doing fine in the camera's one of the few profitable sectors they have. Sony is having such difficulties because they had a deeply insular corporate policy which stubbornly held onto proprietary products and methods, and failed to predict the product evolution which Apple so successfully exploited, and invested heavily in unprofitable industries like televisions and monitors where cheaper Chinese products knocked them out of the loop. In cameras, on the other hand, Sony has been on a relative roll, and is considered an innovator, and has been on the front of the curve in evolving and changing products.

Sony has lots and lots and lots of all the different camera models under the sun. It now calls them SLTs but they look like DSLRS. And now they have come out with a tiny, supa-dupa compact, that has DSLR/SLT image quality. What will they come out with next??? But you're right! I stand corrected!

As someone who paid good money to adopt their system I feel like selling the NEX while I can still get a fair price and returning to M4/3 (the G5 with a 14 - 54 Zuiko MKII looks an interesting combo).

If it'll make you happy, go for it. It's not worth owning anything that you hate, that frustrates you, that makes you angry or bitter, and which you don't enjoy using.

That's the frustrating part - I enjoy using the NEX. If only I had a really good standard zoom...

Of course, the other option would be to sell my soul to Sony completely and get the LEA-2 adapter, viewfinder and the 85mm 1.8... But what about the battery life?

I presume battery life will not be stellar. It's already low on the NEX line due to small batteries and constant live view - adding phase-detect AF sensors and focus drive motors probably will cut the battery life down to where a normal day's shooting may require 2 batteries. I have two batteries in rotation with my NEX now, though can usually complete a normal day of shooting and still have charge left over even on one battery...the other is just for peace-of-mind. For more lenses, better battery life, and faster focusing systems, my solution is to have two cameras - one a DSLR with plenty of big heavy lenses and a battery that can shoot thousands of shots with phase-detect AF focusing, and the other the NEX for when I want light weight and small size with an excellent sensor. For me personally, the LA-EA2 just isn't anything I'd be interested in, as I like my NEX slim and sleek.

Thanks for the thoughts!

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