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I'm fighting with the decision to either go primes or zooms. Every time I work out my lens list, I second guess it. I havnt used primes since the film days but now I'm rethinking that strategy; go with the Oly 12 f2, 45 1.8 and the Panny 25 1.4 or The Panny 12-35 2.8 and the Oly 45 1.8.

I will wait for something in the tele range (the yet unannounced Pany 35-100?) but may just get the Oly 75.

I started with the zooms, but over the course of the past year, I found that I was using primes more and more. Right now I have two zooms that I use; the 100-300mm and the 14-140mm Panasonics. The 100-300 is my long telephoto, and the 14-140mm is my "convenience" lens. I never use short zooms anymore at all (the 14-45mm has been sitting in a drawer for months), since going to a combination of M43 and legacy primes.

I have both the 14mm Panny and the 12mm Oly. I enjoy them both, but usually keep the 14mm on the GF3 as my walk around lens. The 12mm is just a fantastic and wonderful lens, and I use that on the GH2 when doing architectural or city shots and for scenic vistas.

I do little if any portrait type work, so, even though I have the 45mm f1.8, and think it is a really stellar lens, I rarely use it. If you do portraiture, it is an absolute necessity, since it is both terrific and a heck of a bargain for the IQ it produces.

I haven't used the 25mm, since I prefer a 35mm focal length as my "everything" lens (I have a vintage Yashica for that fl), but everyone who has used it reports that it is the best M43 lens out there. So, if that fl works for your purposes, it is also the lens to get.

The moral of the story is: If you want to work with DOF or lower light wide open shooting, the prime lenses are absolutely the ticket. It's nice to have a zoom or two to fit particular situations where changing lenses would not be ideal, but the primes are so good that they really are the way to go if you are comfortable with the lens changes and your shooting situations allow them to be done without losing photographic opportunities.


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