Why do people insist on calling the D800 a PRO camera?

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The OP posts this nonsense quite often. If you think little of the camera who cares. That doesn't change the fact that actually it is an excellent camera. It is just your inability to recognize it. Most people have flawless copies.

Who said it wasn't an excellent camera or that I didn't have a flawless copy? I like my D800E and find it takes stunning images. That doesn't mean I have to say it is a pro body. Nikon hasn't released a pro body that has parts falling off of it so quickly or so effortlessly. Sorry, a pro body should stand up to the rigors of the field, the D800 doesn't.

apparantly the nikon d4's little joysticks are falling off aswell, so thats not a pro camera either?

Now you're starting to use those brain cells. This is why I have questioned what is going on at Nikon with QA. If build design and quality doesn't meet or exceed previous standards the camera is not a pro body no matter how much you wish it to be.

many pros use different cameras for their jobs

They sure do, but none of them make any illusion about thinking a camera is something it is not.

when i had a play with the d4, i felt that alot of cost cutting had been going on, it didnt feel as substantial as my d3 and the buttons were very "squidgy", the magnesium exterior is also apparantly pretty thin which for a camera that costs £2200 more than my D3 did is inexcusable.

Which bit of the 'magnesium exterior' are you talking about? Most of the exterior of the D4 is plastic, just like the D3, D2, D1.

hovever, i do feel that the d800 is on a par or feels slightly better built than the D300 / D700 series, which means it should hold up to quite abit of abuse and be able to take a pretty good soaking. nothing has fallen off mine so far and doesnt feel like it will.

I think so to. I can't see anything to suggest that the basic design and build principles of the D800 are any different from the D4.

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