Tell me about 'minimum wage' II

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Re: Tell me about 'minimum wage' II
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Henry Schobin wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

In continuation of:

Specifically, this post:

Having a living wage, I don't think, would eliminate the minimum wage - it would just be called something else.

The point of making the minimum wage a living wage is to make it illegal to pay a full time employee less than a living wage. Of course, safeguards must be in place so that employers don't simply hire people for a 39 hour work week, or other shenanigans, to get around the requirement.

"Safeguards"?!! How much control should government have on business?!!!
You are going to force businesses to hire only full-time workers?!!

What would be the sentence for the crime of hiring part-time workers?

Apologies for the mess above. Let me ammend that. The minimum wage should be based on a living wage for a fulltime employee.

If a job is so unimportant that it doesn't deserve a living wage, then it can be done by someone working a more important job, just as E1 soldiers can be found sweeping floors and cleaning latrines.

Maybe restaurant patrons can wash their dishes after their meal. Last person to finish dinner gets to mop the floor.

Either pay the dishwashers a minimum wage, or have them swap out with waiters, cashiers, hostesses, etc.

Or maybe E1 soldiers can wash those dishes during peace time.

If a soldier in the US army can sweep floors and clean latrines, a cashier and hostess can bus tables and wash dishes. Yeah, yeah -- I know -- the Mexicans in the kitchen washing the dishes can't speak English. Huh -- imagine that -- the whole minimum wage / living wage issue being tied to racism and exploitation. Unexpected, huh?

We could force prisoners to do all the "unimportant" jobs - they already get free food, clothing, shelter and healthcare......oh wait, we already tired those shenanigans.

Prison labor is another topic.

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