how much is too much when investing in a 4/3 system?

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Re: how much is too much when investing in a 4/3 system?
In reply to texinwien, Jul 15, 2012

assuming you are correct, wherein lies the value difference of 1/3 stop improvement between the EM-5 and the GX1? To the people who it should matter to, well, they ought to use larger-sensored cameras.

So, I stand by what I said, investment in any camera system should be relative to other camera make sense. That's how I see it as a consumer and a photographer. My true mistake was letting my experience with better equipment influence my thinking when the camera arrived and got me interested in expanding on my initial intended use of the GX1 which was, that with a kit lens it was better than the G12 family of camera types. Once I went there, the math was sobering and quickly I knew that I would have trouble allowing myself to drop large dollars on m43 lenses to satisfy a need that developed after the camera arrived.

The GX-1 with the kit lens will serve as a great camera to throw on the seat on my car and have on hand-if I decide to keep it.

texinwien wrote:
What's your point?

joe talks photography gear wrote:

After reading Popular Photography's review of the E-M5 I am confident I didn't see much in the way of any image quality over the best of the Panasonic crowd introduced to date, most notably the GX-1.

You may be confident that you haven't seen much, but that's certainly different than saying there isn't much in the way of quality over the best of the Panasonic crowd.

First off, the GH2 seems to perform better than the GX1 - both in terms of shadow noise and highlight recovery. Second, the OM-D seems to perform even better than the GH2 in both respects.

Shadow noise @ base ISO. The GH2 and GX1 received 1/3 more exposure than the E-M5 in the following studio tests from Imaging Resource:

Shadow noise @ ISO 6400. All three cameras received the same exposure in the following studio tests from Imaging Resource:

Highlight clipping at base ISO. The E-M5 received 1/3 more exposure than the GH2 in the following photos (highlight recovery performed in LR 4.1):

So, just because you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it's not there.

I've invested spent 2,000 Euros on my m43 system over the past few months, and I'm just getting started.

Good luck finding the camera / system that's right for you.

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