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to that approach. If it means I need a whole slew of better lenses...

All lenses perform better with more pixels behind them, just as all sensors perform better with sharper lenses in front of them.

Well let me put it another way then, only the best lenses would be able to take full advantage of the sensors resolution so if you don't have those lenses then you'll have to buy them, otherwise there's little point in having such a sensor.

You didn't read what he said. All lenses perform better with more pixels behind them, so increasing the pixel count is a one stop upgrade for all your lenses. No need to buy better to gain advantage - though if you do buy better you will gain more advantage, but that's true of every camera.

Yes I did read what he said but it depends on the cost of this upgrade, which would not be cheaper than current sensors.

Why would it not? You need to do come cost analysis before you make such statements. The fact that more pixels is a feature that manufacturers have sometime used as a reason to charge more does not mean that they cost more.

Either way it means that you'll end up paying more - that's guaranteed.

Again, if you're not going to use the full 40mp I don't see much point. The camera will also need to be able to cope with such large file sizes which would mean a beefier processor which would add to the cost. We're into diminishing returns again.

Ever heard of Moore's law?

Ever tried working in Photoshop with layers with files starting at 40mp? So while we're getting this new camera we also need to upgrade our computers, great news.

We were taking about the processor in the camera, not the one you'll have in your computer.

So far as that goes, on the whole, people will tend to be upgrading their computers as they upgrade their cameras. It would hardly be reasonable to spec computers on the basis that their files should be processable on a 8088 IBM PC with 640k of memory.

Will they? plenty of people wouldn't want to do that. I use Macs because on the whole they don't need to be upgraded as often as PC's because a new OS can actually improve their performance. My Mac is hardly legacy but I wouldn't want to process 40mp files in PS on it.

And in any case, as pixel counts go up, workflow changes. With 36MP I do much less photoshop work than I did with 12 MP, because I don't have to.

Depends on the processing you do. I process tiff files for colour and mono, these are large files, resolution doesn't really come into it unless it slows my MAC down, I get enough resolution from 16mp for what I do, even 12mp was enough for me. Resolution isn't the be all and end all of IQ, there are far more important elements for me.

Is not an advantage enough? What's not to like about upgrading all your lenses in one go for the cost of a new body?

Well it depends on how much of an advantage and how much it's going to cost in the process.

It can be a substantial advantage, see here:

A doubling in pixel count has brought a 33% increase in resolution. You'd have to spend a lot on a lens to get that kind of resolution increase.

Actually, probably all those things will be free. Have you noticed how a 3GHz four core computer doesn't cost any more than a 2GHz two-core did two years ago?

Not really because I haven't needed to upgrade my computer in the last 3 years and it still works fine on 16mp files. Having to upgrade my computer because I'm now having to deal with 40mp files for an incremental improvement isn't exactly cost effective for me, and wouldn't be for plenty of others.

As I said, you could well find the same computer works just fine with 40MP files, because workflow changes.

I can guarantee this would make a big difference, the difference is noticeable between 12mp and 16mp. We're talking multiple applications open as the image is transferred between apps and we're also talking large tiff files.

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