Dual or quad channel memory to edit D800 files

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Re: Dual or quad channel memory to edit D800 files
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Actually, I realized that Ivy bridge motherboards aren't supporting quad memory yet.

But also, I've been looking at CPUs and I'm strongly considering Intel Core i7-3930K. And it appears that this CPU is LGA 2011 socket implementation which is the sandy bridge architecture supporting quad channel. So, may be I will end up with a quad channel setup, but not because of the memory, yet rather because of the CPU choice

AlephNull wrote:

Some people think it's clever to buy a quad channel memory kit and install it on an Ivy Bridge system - it's not Ivy Bridge is dual channel, and runs faster with one set of DIMMs (two DIMMs) than with two sets (four DIMMs). If you do choose Ivy Bridge, try to install just two DIMMs - that would limit you to 16GB, but that's enough for many uses.

I am now using an i7 3930K (X79) with 32GB (4 x 8GB 1600MHz) of RAM. It's much faster at processing D800 images than my old machine.

I'm using quad channel at 10-10-10 (8GB 1600MHz DIMMs seem to be mostly 10-10-10). If you wanted to be extreme you could go for 4GB DIMMs - there are 7-7-7 DIMMs available at 1600MHz in 4GB, although you do pay a premium for them.

I'm using faster SSDs, too - a 120GB SSD for the OS and two 240GB SSDs for working space. A friend of mine went a different route - she installed four x 3TB drives and used the motherboard RAID 5; she boots from a 240GB SSD, but all her images are on 9TB of RAID storage - it's much faster than accessing a RAID over a gigabit LAN.

One thing to be wary of - if you do install 32GB of RAM then the page file will default to 32GB, too, and that's a big chunk of a small SSD - better to either disable the page file or move it to another drive (I moved it). Same thing goes for the hibernate file if you enable hibernation.

It may sound silly, but make sure you enable the XMP profile - if you don't, the motherboard may be running your RAM at inappropriate speeds (usually too slowly). I've seen a surprising number of machines running without the XMP profile.

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