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Re: Welcome to B&H's "Used As New" store
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It's a difficult issue. B&H honors their return policy, so the OP can fix it if he or she wishes (which I think would be reasonable in this case).

It seems obvious to me that a retailer is going to resell an item (as new) that someone returns with the box checked "nothing wrong - changed my mind" or "ordering mistake" or whatever.

That is not at all obvious. A reputable retailer would sell it as 'refurbished' or similar. Once it has been used, it is not new.

Maybe "open box" but I don't see how they can use the term "refurbished" which IMO has a slightly different connotation.

I don't mind 'open box'

Where I come from the category of 'demonstration ware' is quite common, ie, products that have been used by the seller to demonstrate what a product can do. This could mean it was only handled by staff or it was handled by customers as well but under direct supervision of staff.

But I think in this category is a bit difficult to delineate. Is a product shown in a show window 'demonstration ware', refurbished or not rather pretty much new? Where I would draw a clear line is if a product has left the store and has been in customers hand (unless the packaging is still sealed). And there is a difference between something that has been in contact with fluids (like a coffee maker) and a tripod that has been handled by customers inside a store.

The delineation is between 'new' and 'not new'. What are the precise differences between all the different varieties of 'nearly new', I doubt whether anyone cares that much. What they care about is whether the product they are getting is new. That means that the box is unopened , the camera is unhandled , no lenses have been fitted, no photographs taken since the camera left the factory.

Whatever designation people want to use to denote 'slightly used', I don't care, so long as it doesn't mean 'new'.

Would you extend that to tripods? Because in a lot of stores tripods are presented hanging (much like bananas) without any packaging.

I would class that as 'demonstration' or 'display'. If a camera (or tripod) has been sitting in a shop window, out of its packaging, I would not buy it as 'new' or expect to see it presented as 'new'. If you see it displayed in the store, then you know it has been opened. If you prefer it is an unopened box you can decline the display model and ask for one from stock. Very often you will be asked if you mind the display model. In reputable stores, anyway. I have said when asked that 'I'll take it for a discount', and sometimes been given the discount.

And if we go further to clothing and shoes, they are rarely sold 'new' as in unopened box.

Different product, different custom and practice. Still, how would you feel about buying a pair of underpants someone had bought, tried out for a week, decided they didn't like and brought back to be repackaged as 'new'?

My classic example is camera bags. If possible, I like to get one "still in its plastic wrap" so that I know all the bits and pieces are there. I agree with you on your definition of "new". I think that is what people expect when they buy something like a camera.

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