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Re: Opinion: Thom Hogan's D800/E eBook
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Yep all the information is on the Web and if you read this forum faithfully you can have it all for free. Just make sure to take a lot of Notes. Thom has consolidate all that scattered information and some in one place. I don't know about your time but it is invaluable to me having what I need always on hand.

For all you newbies Thom is an expert on Nikon and a friend of this forum. We are fortunate to have him write these book for us and having a Site full of useful information.

Support Thom and give yourself a break. We all want to know all we can about the new toy and the manual is there but pulling out the information is sometimes a bit tedious.

He hasn't posted here since he had a falling out, 2 1/2 years ago.

He is more legacy than legit anymore, and many find his opinions as unreliable as Ken Rockwell's.

I, myself, respect him for his knowledge and his efforts in sharing it.

Point is... There are many camera guides available. Thom's is just another.

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He definitely still reads here though. He sent me a huge, long rant in a PM (I didn't read it) about intellectual property because of my comments in the thread about people pirating his e-book.

I don't know if that's true or not.... but he has every right to.
He works hard on those books and pirating is stealing.

Here's the top bit. It just goes on and on and on. I couldn't be bothered to read it. And fwiw, piracy might be immoral (and I wasn't condoning it) but it isn't stealing. Stealing denies somebody of their property (i.e. if I take a book from the store, the store no longer has it.) Piracy makes a copy available for free, so while it might damage profits of people selling it, it isn't stealing. Still, he went on a huge rant about it.

I don't see a "huge rant"... I see a guy simply trying to explain to you why downloading product for free affects the creator. That you can't simply excuse it away with "well they make money other ways".

I don't believe you didn't read it. No one that gets a message from Thom Hogan let's it go unread. But more importantly why not explain your reasoning?
Are you afraid of the debate?

You say it's not "stealing" from the author's wallet... but it is one less possible sale. It is one more copy of that book floating out in the world landing who knows where... and who knows in how many copies. I'm not speaking as a person innocent from downloading music, etc....because I'm not, but I am speaking from a very logical viewpoint.

If someone torrents it then they are likely sharing with others at the same time. You can't possibly think it doesn't affect Thom or any other author/musician/movie producer/Software creator/etc, depending on what you're stealing taking.

Call it what you want... it is known by most as "stealing".

But I don't think Thom's issue with it is the word used to define it. I would bet his issue is the fact that it even happens, and people acting like it doesn't affect anyone.

Have you seen the effort he puts into his stuff ?
Who can blame him?

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