Canon 60d AI Servo AF problem

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Re: Canon 60d AI Servo AF problem
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I used AI servo and high speed burst:

MG_12883.CR2: SRaw=n/a; 5184x3456; 22 MB; ColorSpace=Adobe RGB; 2012:06:03 10:31:15; Horizontal (normal); 3:2;

CAMERA: Canon EOS 60D; SN0470208952; Firmware Version 1.0.9; ScaleFactor=1.6; EosTemp=24 C;

LENS: Canon EF 135mm f/2L; SN0000000000; FocalLen=135.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 212.3 mm);

SHOT-INFO: FOV=9.7 deg; FocusDist=7.64 m to 25.98 m; HyperFocalDist=134.36 m; LightValue=15.3;

FOCUS: FocusMode=AI Servo AF; AfMode=Single-point AF; AfpSelected=4; AfpInFocus=4; AfAssist=Emits;

MODE: ExpProg=Shutter speed priority AE; Metering=Evaluative; WB=Auto (5200 K); SafetyShift=Enable (Tv/Av);

EXPOSURE: Iso=320; f/7.1; 1/2500 sec; ExpComp=-2/3; Bulb=0 sec; BaseIso=308; AutoIso=100;

FLASH: FlashMode=Off; FlashType=(none); FlashExpComp=0; FExpLock=Off; AvFlashSync=Auto;

DRIVE: DrvMode=Continuous Shooting; Drive=Continuous, High; SelfTmr=Off; MirrorLU=Disable; LiveView=Off;

NOISE-REDUCTION: LongExpNR=Off; HighIsoNR=Off; LENS-VIGNETTE: Corr=Off; Value=0;

SETTINGS: PicStyle=Neutral; HLgtTonePri=Disable; AutoLgtOpt=Off; ExpInc=1/3 Stop; IsoInc=1/3 Stop; IsoExpand=On;

AF-SETTINGS: NoAf=Focus search on; AfpSel=AF point button: Auto selection; Rear dial: Manual selection; AfpDsply=On;
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