Is it safe to by an S100?

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Re: Not sure this is true
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I actually emailed Canon UK support and asked them and they said I can send it in for repair so that it won't develop the issue in future. THey should really have made it clear because it essentially looks like you are forced to wait for it to conk out on you before taking them up on the repair offer - not ideal if someone is buying this to take on holiday which is why I emailed them in the first place.

Anyone who doesn't believe me can PM me and I will forward the email from Canon to them. In the meantime I am going to wait for the S100 successor and hope that after this announcment Canon don't make the same mistake again. I know the S90 and s95had this issue too but Canon have never until now held their hand up.

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Get one from a batch not affected, and if you cant, when you get it, send it in to Canon. Even if it doesn't develop the lens error from day 1 Canon have said you can send it in anyway so it doesn't crop up in future.

Where exactly did you hear this? I've heard just the opposite.

It is my understanding that this is not true. They will send a camera back untouched if it doesn't exhibit the lens error problem.

Exactly. All of the S100 lenses have a problem and are more likely to break.

But canon won't touch it until it will actually breaks.

I'm a little sour on canon from this whole issue.

I am an Original S100, S50, SD780, 300HS, S95, 2011 S100, SX40, 350D and T2i owner and I will likely "jump ship" after my current crop of cannon die. Their quality just keeps on sliding downhill. The older my canons are, the better the build (My T2i is falling apart but my 350D is still going strong, my SD780 did not last even a year but my 12 year old S100 works fine and so on).

Regarding the S100 as a camera, regardless of breakyness, I am not thrilled with the IQ. I produce far more "keepers" with my S95. Gails chopped up and photoshopped pictures above are a good example of what I don't like about the S100. Very "meh" image quality.

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