One more time (forgive me) - D800 or D800E

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Re: One more time (forgive me) - D800 or D800E
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Shotcents wrote:

phoman wrote:

It simple, if u shoot primes wide open like me all the time then it would a waste to pay more for the "E" . You must shoot at F8 or around that number to see a difference and still it will not be like day and night. > > >

Good point. I shoot mainly portraits and like to use the fast glass. The E is only going to cause problems for me, from moire to false color at the edges.

Don't think for a moment I'm actually bashing the D800e. It's an equally amazing camera, but it's so close to the D800 99% of the time that I have to laugh at folks claiming some sort of victory for spending a few bucks more and basically getting nothing for it beyond bragging rights supported by nothing.

This does NOT apply to those who use a D800e for it's specific strengths. But beware of the fanboys who don't understand that the D800e also has specific limitations that are shared to a lesser degree with the D800.

That means buy the DSLR that suits what you shoot and ignore ignorant claims like "this is the best DSLR ever." I think the D800 actually IS the best for certain things...but not everything.


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What? ....let me understand, ..if somebody shoots wide open then you can't see the difference? that what you are saying? OH I get it now... I remember reading this in a pixel peeper review of a "photographer" somewhere on web... You really can't believe the crap you may read on web.

Don't you think guys that when the OP asks for advice (especially if he does so for a second time) he's read the "reviews" already? Don't you think that he asks for actual users opinion and not for people repeating him what he's already read?

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