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Re: No, those are junk, my error.
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I think you have misunderstood me. I mean I don't think anyone is being clever here, or making a point about how athleticism is perceived, or anything else exciting, these are just rubbish photos.

The handful of headliners I saw were OK, with a minor flaw that should have been fixed in post. The ones you are posting now are just... bad.

T3 wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

These are bad, but not, in my opinion, bad enough for anyone to be making a point.

Seriously? I think if anyone had posted these images in a dpreview gallery (and any other gallery, for that matter), they would be crucified rather than be defended as "not bad enough for anyone to make a point."

"Yeah, let's put you in a poorly framed shot, light it poorly, chop off your arms and legs...It's okay, because it won't be bad enough for anyone to make a point about it! And we'll call it moody ."

Oh, yeah, this is bad but not bad enough to make a point . I'm sure she loves this shot, especially how it makes her look like an amputee. "Nothing a bit of retouching couldn't fix, dear!" LOL. I'm pretty sure that if anyone here had taken this photo and defended it as "not bad enough for anyone to make a point", they would be blasted.

Clearly, there is a tragic un-evenness to how "bad" or "good" this collection of images is. Taken as a collection, they are bad. Some of the images do have some redeeming value. But it's a severely hit-or-miss collection. And it's too bad that he had to do this at the expense of these hard-working amateur athletes who just want a bit of well-deserved recognition for their hard work, rather than being trotted out like (at best) a freak show of experimental avant garde photography or (at worst) extremely lazy photography. Either way, he's probably laughing his way to the bank while these athletes are left a bit chagrined with some rather unflattering photos that people are gawking at, like at some circus side show.

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