D7000 vs the best Electronic Viewfinders

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Re: D7000 vs the best Electronic Viewfinders
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I've just completed a two month photo shoot using Nikon D300s (similar to D7000) and a Sony NEX-7. The two complement one another quite well, but if I had to choose, I would go SLR with optical finder every time.

The biggest advantage of the EVF is not in the acqusition, but in the replay, when middle-aged eyes can use the ocular to review image sharpness, rather than fumble for glasses or a magnifying hood for the rear screen.

But for composition, the Sony's EVF was gross - contrasty, lacking detail, flickery, and when the sun goes down, useless. For focussing, the first-stage magnified view only gave the same or slightly inferior precision as the optical ground glass with a DK21 anyway.

The second stage was too soft to be useful for focussing. It is impossible to use the magnified focussing view while hand holding a long lens. And it is impossible to focus the Sony accurately on a moving subject (fine if AF is appropriate). For wildlife etc, you can focus on the fly with an SLR.

The Sony was excellent on a tripod with a fine prime lens stopped down on base ISO. It's image quality was twice what the D300s were (but not at 800 or 1600ISO). The Sony's 10 fps was too fast for most wildlife work - you just end up with redundant frames. The D7000 is a better speed.

Handling-wise, the Nikon D7000 is a joy, whereas the Sony is extremely poor - frustratingly fiddly controls that make the camera a nightmare to work with in a hurry, and quite impossible with even thin gloves, on cold mornings.

I've since bought a D3200 - delightful little SLR body, light and compact, with the Sony's 24mp image size, if not quite the IQ or buffer capacity.

That's my experience. The only future innovation that would sway me is if the D400 or something came out with both optical and EVF, either as a combo or an optional slide-on accessory. That would be useful for image review without glasses.

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