D800 reality suddenly hits home close to my CPU

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Re: D800 reality suddenly hits home close to my CPU
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OP, Maximum PC currently has a guide "How to Build the Perfect PC" dated "Summer of 2012" on the newsstands if you want to take a stab at building your own. Maintaining a PC probably takes more know-how than a Mac. Maximum PC has a website that should provide you with all the info you need.

If you really aren't cut out for technology Macs do provide a refuge for many.

Here's what you should no believe, however:
1. Macs never crash.

I've had to use one for work and every single day I would get the spinning pinwheel of death. Simply use Google-Fu to read many accounts of trouble with Macs freezing up.
2. Macs don't get viruses.

They do. Again, use Google-Fu to read CURRENT stories about viruses hitting Macs. The reality is they have been such a small percentage of the computing market they weren't as attractive as a mass target. That is changing, but they still are not as likely a target. That said, stay away from Russian porn sites and illegal downloads or opening emails from strangers and 99% of your PC virus trouble should be over. Get a good virus program (McAfee does not equal a good program IMO) and ccleaner (free!) and you'll be on your way.

3. Macs are better for graphic artists/photographers/"creatives". If one is a "creative" and could never figure out how to change the blinking 12:00 on a VCR then yes, a Mac is better for you. But if you are, or aspire to be, a tech savvy power user get a PC. Once upon a time Macs got the graphics rep but that is such ancient undeserved history I can't believe it still goes around. Then again, many iPhone 4 owners were convinced it was a "4G" phone; it isn't. The reality is PCs have long had the hardware advantage for graphics. Now Macs are Intel inside. It's no wonder. Moreover, in recent years Macs have lacked things like 10 bit colour capability and 64 bit photoshop. King of graphics? Hardly.

But here's where you really need to be honest with yourself. Time is money, and the control and hardware flexibility of PCs does come with a tech-know-how price that may take more time then you're willing to invest. On the plus side, most Mac users don't seem to know what they're missing so that's comforting!

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