Oly starter kit advice: EPM1, EPL3, VF2, pancake, etc. ??

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Re: Oly starter kit advice: EPM1, EPL3, VF2, pancake, etc. ??
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tm255 wrote:

current rebates on the Oly m43 models are looking pretty good. i'm looking for some advice on the various choices. these cameras are not available for audition locally.

my primary goal is a semi-pocketable camera with a pancake lens. i'm not sure how the system might expand from that point on, if at all.

i really like the tilt screen of the NEX5n, so it seems that the EPL3 bundled with the 17mm might be a good choice at just over $500. however, review sites such as photozone don't regard the 17mm very highly.

another option would be the EPM1 and 14-42 bundle, adding the 20mm panny lens and VF2. this would give me a higher rated although larger pancake, but also a zoom that i likely would not use and a cash outlay of around $900.


does the flip out screen of the EPL3 obviate the need for the VF2?

No, it does not. The VF2 is quite useful for bright outdoor photography, and the Oly LCDs will be difficult to use in those situations.

is the 20mm panny noticeably better in real world use than the 17mm oly?

An unqualified YES to that.

for those of you who have used both the EPM1 and EPL3, do the additional external controls of the EPL3 make a significant difference in actual use?

Can't answer this one as I have a GF3 and GH2, not an EPM1 or EPL3...However, the adjustments seem to be well implemented on the EPM1 even without the extra external controls from what others have said (and my GF3 control layout is similar to that on the EPM1, and I find it just fine).

is there anything else that i need to consider?

Take a look at a GF3. The LCD has a larger useable area; the screen is nicely visible in daylight, and the camera is really a joy to use (and it sits in the hand really well, too). If you do not plan to add an EVF or need a hot shoe, it is a great little camera with really excellent IQ. Also, since they are having a model change, you may be able to find some sales on the GF3 with the 14mm pancake for a really good price..... ($379 at B&H for example....)

Both cameras are very good at what they do...

A couple of photos from the GF3 with 14mm (the second is a panorama of 14mm shots):

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