Running is good or bad?

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René Schuster wrote:

I don't think the human body is designed for running something like 10 km on a regular basis; our ancestors only ran when chasing animals for food, women or maybe trying to get away from some bad enemey, but sure not every day.

I have read many articles over the years...that stated humans are born to run.
Quite the opposite of what you are suggesting here.

I see runners as adrenalin junkies, pretty much the same what I did for more than 20 years with fast motorcycles.

Don't be DAFT Rene, running at say 10-12 mph nothing like riding fast motorcycles

This nonesense about adrenalin al, is kinda silly.

In the 40 years I have been running...I've never once felt an 'adrenaline' high or any kind of BUZZ from it.

What I DO experience is....that once I get into the 'zone' so to around the 6K-7K mark, then one runs in an optimal/fluid/smooth/easy type, after completing a run....I always feel very calm/relaxed and later sleep very well.

However, there is no high for me.

It certainly doesn't compare with the adrenaline kick that one gets travelling at high speeds, sky-diving, or some other "risk" based performance.

But, as previously said...running is indeed the sense that after a few days of NOT doing can feel somewhat sluggish/lethargic......altho, I personally think that the withdrawl is more psychological based than actually related to that 'disciplined' edge mentality...and the knowing that one is not "fine-tuned" at 100%.

It's an obsession for sure.


"It is a small gesture, but one that can be very effective - especially in a large crowd. So fart, and if you must, fart often. But always fart without apology. Fart for freedom, fart for liberty, and fart proudly" (Benjamin Franklin 'The Dream' 1751)

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