returning mailed purchases without mfr defects=free rental

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Re: agree with John. What if bodies not sold separately by mfr.
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Just to clarify this: I bought both 350d and Sigma lens in one order from the same shop. The 350d also performed badly with original Canon EOS lenses, but not as erratically as with the Sigma. And I used tripod mounted test with depth rulers etc, so it was reproducable.

It totally shattered my faith in "new technology= DSLR" being better than decades older analog equipment. I then went for a Sony P+S P150 and was happy for years.

2011 I bought the XZ1 to replace the aging Sony, but wasn't happy with it. Researched and went for the Nex 5N. Initally I went to a local shop to buy it there (same where I got the XZ1), but the one on display had the clicking issue in massive form.

I wasn't eager to try out whether their packaged cameras were the same and instead went for Amazon. First thing out of the box was testing clicking, after there was none at all it was adopted into the family

And for all this talk about the F3: I didn't write anything about it and I am not going to get one. I am quite happy with the 5N (as soon as it returns from repairing the rear display) and will only consider upgrading to the 5X, if it offers significant advantages.

Use of hotshoe simultaneously with the EVF for instance. But then, I haven't used the flash for months and the EVF was fixed onto the 5N for good.

Just to heat up the discussion:

Way back in the eighties while still in school, I bought a Japanese turntable. Went home, used it for 2 hours and it started to autorepeat though that function was turned OFF. So a thermal bug. Went back to the shop with a description of the bug and that it took time to appear, had it shipped to repair under warranty, got it back after some weeks.

The guy from the shop wanted me to pay the shipping fee because the repair center said the device was without fault.

I went home quite angry, having paid 500 Marks = 250 Euros and now had a brand new, defective turntable. I then thought that I would help those repair technicians to find the fault :-), opened the bottom panel and applied strong current from my lab power supply to contacts of the microcontroller chip. After hearing cracks, I put the cover back on and returned the turntable once more. I then received a new turntable from the company (not the shop).

This was not easy for me, but in my opinion it was a sort of self-defense when you paid good money for a faulty device straight out of the box and the seller/company is incompetent to even identify the clearly described and reproducable error.

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