New Sensor Owners-Was it Worth it?

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Re: New Sensor Owners-Was it Worth it?
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Enir4 wrote:
. . .

To be fair to the OP I think you should be a little more honest and mention the fact that long before the new sensor was released you said that you would not be replacing the sensor regardless of whether it fixed the orbs or not. It had nothing to do with the points raised.

Enrique has long been known as a massive orb defender.

The usual nonsense... Let's try: I said that "given my kind of photography" I am not getting orbs. Therefore I won't sacrifice anything in order to get rid of something that does not hurt my photos. In which way that makes me "orb defender", or how can anyone be "orb defender", or what is indeed being an "orb defender", escapes me.

It's the many other things that you've said that proves ratty's statement.

In order to enjoy the X10 even better in the forums, one has to ignore the sociopaths.

I also like the X10 very, very much. My only discrepancy with you is that you call the X10 a gem and I call it a jewell.

I find the X10 so good at so many things that I even fantasize about having it as my only camera.

Symptoms of the orbsessive–compulsive personality disorder syndrome will appear now and then. It is not contagious.

P.S. I am really sick of X10 threads!

Not me! I'm sick about orbs, but X10 threads I really enjoy. Do I love that camera...

I will protest to Fuji, they don't have the right to sell such a good camera to me that doesn't let me be in ORBit.

I keep it, I treasure it, I take it everytime I go out. [Who kept X10?]

They must feel attached in some sort of pathological way to the orb thing, or else they wouldn't keep beating a dead horse. We should feel supportive of the troubled ones.

Ahhh, I see!
It's a deviant sexual oRbsession then.
OeRbipus complex!
They want to kill their cameras & make love to their Orbs!

Oerdipus complex! Brilliant! We had it there all the time and didn't see it! Oerdipus complex -> white orbs -> feeling screwed -> passive aggresive behavior. Manic Orbsessives!

How very orbsessive, Gary. I gave you the solution yesterday: give your X10 to someone you really dislike, a photographer.

Of course I keep mine. I couldn't care less about orbs. Instead, I love using the X10 and its rendering.

The X10 is a rare jewel. It wouldn't cross my mind to return it.

Congratulations!!! You'll love it, I'm sure. Forget orbsessions and enjoy.

Good to avoid the orbsessive compulsive disorber, isn't it?

About time one can enjoy reading posts in good mood and have a good laugh. I find opposing orbsessed to fanboy truly great, or Orbsessive compulsive disorder, etc.

We fanboys are terrible. We concentrate in photography instead of orbs, how very frivolous!

That's it! Their orbometer failed them miserably! We could lend them some, here we have quite a few Orbometers.

(Orbs, I shouldn't forget mentioning orbs, not that I have them, but it is a must. orbs, orbs)

If Fuji tries to solve the to me irrelevant orbs compromising with anything else, then I will skip it. Besides, it would be cruel of Fuji to leave the orbs gang without arguments to shoot the X10 down...

The first photo I took with my X10 was the DSCF3001. After 1000 pictures it jumped to DSCF4001 in a new folder in the card. Does this mean that the camera had 2000 actuations when it was sold to as new? Is the first photo supposed to be the DSCF1001?

Thank you all for your help. Fact is that with or without 2000 actuations before it was sold to me as new, I am so satisfied with my X10 that I wouldn't change mine for a new one.

[Subject Re: Nex 5 N or X10 Fuji]

I need one or the other, just which!!!

It depends on your priorities.

If you are looking for best IQ, then the NEX.

If you don't want noise in high ISO, then the NEX.

If you want interchangeable lenses, then the NEX.

I have problems with portraits taken with the X10. They look coarse, rough, lacking fine detail and nuances. My wife, a painter, says that the X10 paints with a thick brush. I tried everything I can think of and failed. I don’t have this problem with my NEX C3, not even with the G11 I used to have, just to name a few, and certainly not with the 5D, D90, R1, etc. Any suggestions?

I have the GH1 and was considering the X10. These photos seem to prove to me two important things: colors of the X10 are greatly exaggerated, December doesn't have these colors; the X10 lacks fine detail.

Oops, how did these last three blasphemes slip out?

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