A random group of GXR shots from my current trip to Alaska

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Re: Three more photos from Ketchikan Alaska
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F Stop Fitzgerald wrote:

Midwest wrote:

rube39 wrote:

The totem pole shot is great.

Funny, that is my least favorite of them all. It's just a chop of the top of the pole, no composition to it, rather 'clinical'. The others are much better - especially the old boat.

The phase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" certainly applies in photography. For instance a few months back I posted some GXR photos from my trip to Moscow. I post-processed one of the Moscow shots in a style that is commonly used by that popular photo blogger Trey Ratcliff. That shot got a pretty severe negative feedback on this forum in which a poster absolutely hated it. The fact is when it comes to esthetics, there really is no right or wrong. A basically a picture either turns you on or it doesn't.

True. Sometimes though I wonder what it is about those photos I don't 'get' that makes others swoon - am I really missing something or are they full of baloney?

I personally liked the totem shot, because I know what it took to get it. That totem was extremely tall (about 30 feet) and I had to walk about 100 feet away from it with a 200mm f/4 from it to get the misty mountain in the back just right in terms of framing of the totem in a simple manner that offers clarity of the subject.

Well you certainly had to put a lot of work into getting it and that would make it worth more to you I think.

But I certainly understand, any of my pictures are not everyone's cup of tea. BTW. Yes I like the old boat shot more than the totem, because of the experimental nature of the TS lens.

Nobody has all their shots to everyone else's liking, of course. I much prefer the old boat because as with so many photos I like, it makes me think, and it is memorable. Imagine that decrepit old wreck having been floating on the sea! It's the subject and the composition which make the old boat picture my clear favorite over the totem shot.

Maybe some different shot of the totem with some elements of composition could make it more appealing to me. I would say though that the color version is definitely the way to go. In b/w it would lose its eye appeal.

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