D800 or any DSLR Video is HORRID!!

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Is this a troll post?
In reply to Biological_Viewfinder, Jun 29, 2012

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

So I tested out the D800e's video capability's and compared it to the experience I have had with my Panasonic TM700, and the $1000 dedicated video camera blows the D800e out of the water completely in almost every way.

The focus on the D800e is slow, loud, and makes the video almost unuseable for anything but maybe a short pan of a static landscape.

The zoom ring actually becomes a liability because you can't do a very slow and constant zoom in on a scene. Your hand moves the camera and eventually you run out of room to turn the zoom without readjusting and therefore stopping the slow zoom, and the zoom is not a constant speed like it is with the small lever on my TM700.

You have to use LiveView, you cannot use the viewfinder like I do with the TM700 when it's bright outside or such.

The TM700 does 60fps at 1080P, the D800e can't even get close.

The onboard mic on the TM700 doesn't pick up the focusing much, but it does pick up a heatsink fan; but it's still very useable. I do have an external shotgun mic, but it's not neccessary all the time, on the D800e it's required.

The incredible ISO of the D800e allows me to shoot without constant lighting, whereas the TM700 is grainy with noise unless it's used. So I guess on ISO, the D800e wins. I'm sure it wins with good bokeh too. But pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE shows that video on a dSLR is generally terrible and almost useless.

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

Sorry for asking? Do you expect people to take you seriously when you admit you want cinematic quality but you want to use auto focus video? Come on please don't troll us here! The advantages have already been explained a million times of why a 35mm sensor is perfect for shooting video with. You need to do it propery or be happy and use your camcorder. Do you know what a focus puller is? You need to get a rig, learn how to focus pull etc, and possibly have an assistant to help you. Without this it's just going to be amatuer footage mainly although I have seen some pretty cool hand held stuff by people who have practiced. How many films do you see random jerky zooming in and out video? Let's discount the Blair Witch project here...come on get real!

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