El Segundo D800 and D4 repair results

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AZBlue wrote:

So the take-away from this is that the D800 focuses no better or worse than a D4 or D3s,

Ya, that is a very troll-like takeaway, which is exactly what we expect from you.

both of which have been happily used by many professionals throughout the world to create wonderful images and without widespread complaints of focusing issues.

That is an idiotic statement, because obviously what is in-focus at 12 MP is not in focus at 36 MP and sometimes not in focus at 16 MP. Did you skip math, geometry, and/or your last eye exam?

My other take-away from the various posts claiming Nikon service has not fixed their issue is that there is no issue to fix. The D800 focuses as well as their other pro bodies. Sure Nikon will tweak and "fine-tune" your AF, which is why it will focus a little differently or even the same way when you get it back, but they can't eliminate a behavior which they don't consider to be a problem and a behavior that also exists, to a greater or lesser extent, in their other pro bodies.

That's BS. It is obvious that each point is capable of focusing finely if you select the correct fine tune value for that point. It is a real and legitimate issue when the points mismatch and require different fine tune values. Despite my personal D3s having the left point "feature," there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that all of them do this (in fact you yourself would probably claim that most don't), so you cannot claim consistency with your own position that what you call a "behavior" exists to some extent in their "other" or "all" bodies.

My question to those who are shooting a lot of test targets, patterns, etc. - have you shot actual photos out in the field, and have you found that using focus points in those shoots yield soft images?

Yes. When shooting actual people I have found that both the D4 and D800 yield misfocused results. Specifically, if I set the fine tune for optimum center point, I end up getting a lot of shots backfocused on the far eye or far ear when attempting to focus on the near eye. That is what you call a "real problem."

It's possible to see something with a test pattern that you would never see in actual use or in real world situations. Just saying.

That depends on how much you have an eye for quality. Some people can't see things. Some of the examples of OOF people have posted here have shown diminished contrast even at great reduction, simply because being a little OOF on a 36 MP camera can in fact kill your contrast pretty quickly. It calls into question the entire point of having a 36 MP camera. If your 36 MP camera cannot reliably focus most of the time, it defeats most of the point of having anything more than 12 MP.

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