Jury Has Reached A Verdict In The Jerry Sandusky Case (I Think He's Guilty, Folks)

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Mr  Roygbiv rainbow
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An unwanted aggravated attack
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There I was sat in my car waiting for my Daughter to come out of a Sports Hall were she was playing a netball match . A woman walked across the carpark from the left just as a man was walking across from the right , they met about ten feet in front of my car and started talking . They were unawhare of me in my vehicle . After a while it was obvious that they were allready aquianted , but slowly the attitude of the man became loud and aggitated . He suddenley drew back his arm and sent his fist into the womans face , she staggered back and went down on her backside and sat dazed . I got out of my car and moved towards him and said " Oi ! You don't treat a Woman like that , do you want to try having a pop at me ?

He started to back off like he was scared of me when all of a sudden the Woman came screaming at me spitting and shouting abuse :-
Fcuk off and mind your own business you fcuking old c-nt !
I have never wanted to help a Damsel in distress ever since that day !

One life ! Live it !

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