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You are doing what you want, which is mindless kibitzing.

Many others are doing what they want, which is pre-ordering at a 99.9% chance
of a nice upgrade on the S100 paradigm with their own damn money.


Excuse me while I go get some popcorn.


Cy Cheze wrote:

As usual, a thread drifts from the topic or descends almost instantly into personal attacks, bouts of rage, use of CAPS, and references to excretia. For every principled disagreement, there are a two dozen flat denials ("never saw dust on a P&S sensor," etc), flat fallacies ("cameras prices don't fall"), or flat absurdities ("worry like that and you'll never buy a car or anything else either").

Obviously, there is no way to dissuade a victim of Gear Acquisition Syndrome from pre-ordering expensive new stuff. Cocaine is not the only addictive habit. All addictions have a way of twisting priorities. Victims would sooner burn anyone who questions the need for a fast "fix" every time new stuff is announced. Anyone who dumps or ditches a 5n or s100, just to be the first on the block to have an RX100, is displaying Level III symptoms of G.A.S. Some victims acquire new stuff so often that it's hard to believe they use any of it much.

The RX100 may indeed turn out to be a fine camera, but:

1) $650 is a lot to pay just to be first in line, especially when full reviews are scarce, and the real truth about some models becomes apparent only after several hundred buyers use their units heavily for two months or so. Dust or other malfunctions may register only after four or six months of heavy use. I have two Sony camera carcasses and one handicapped one to prove it. For the sake of "fairness," I also know of a friends Canon that also succumbed to dust.

2) Low light: in fact, good low light pictures are hard to shoot with ANY camera because low light is also apt to be bad light, and it is almost impossible to correct for back lighting or distorted ambient light without a fill flash. Pictures shot with a FX100 may be "less bad" than what one gets with a 1/2.3" sensor, but lay people who see them will still consider the skin tones to be bad, the shadows too deep, and the blow outs attrocious. This is something one not seen in the high ISO studio tests, but the first problem in the queue in actual practice. It's hard to get any improvement over the HHT mode, or the use of soft flash, in casual people pictures at night. The RX100 won't improve shots of stage performances much, either, if the aperture narrows at the (modest) zoom end. And a fast lens is apt to invite that old nemesis: flare. Perhaps real-life users will eventually learn the truth. Maybe there really is a breakthrough worth the price. So far, however, there isn't any evidence of how the RX100 will fare in high contrast or dim hand-held shots or video.

3) A 1' sensor is not a panacea. The recent Fuji zoom camera shows no particular DR or other advantages over a rear-lit 1/2.3" ultra zoom. The Nikon 1 is still a far cry from an ASP-C sensor.

4) There are other good pocket cameras that cost less and several small system cameras that cost barely any more. If one already owns any, there should be no need for any rush change.

5) The best time to buy a $650 camera might be after it has been on the market 100 days, sells for less, is supported by seasoned user reviews, and when it is known (not simply hoped) that the maker has recognized flaws and issues a patch.

Meanwhile, I have at least one camera that works, an H1 from 2005, with over 5,000 shots to its name. And I know someone will clobber it on my head, perhaps mortally, if my eye roves in favor of another tacky, short-lived replacement.

Caveat emptor, is not a very welcome motto to some. PT Barnum would be glad of that.

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