D3 and PRE White Balance Question

Started Jun 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: D3 and PRE White Balance Question

The first question should be "What raw converter are you using - Adobe Camera Raw, Capture NX2, DXO etc..,

Most - or all - of the common programs will likely give you a "as shot" option for WB conversion - - some programs do a better job or interpreting what "as shot" means exactly but the information taken at the time of capture will likely be available to the software you use...

I don't know the exact conditions you will be shooting in - meaning changing white balances - but I would recommend setting a "Fixed" WB as opposed to Auto if the scene changes a lot - - at least then even if you have 200 frames over 5 different WB scenes you will be able to correct those images a lot easier than having 200 shots with all slightly different WB's and having to take the time to tweak each and every frame...

Alternatively you might also do a custom white balance for every "scene" but that depends on how many frames you'll take and how dynamic the conditions are...

Pre-scouting the location works wonders a lot of the time but getting the exact lighting conditions duplicated in advance is VERY problematic...

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