OM-D LV blinkies fail with low DR scenes

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Re: Thoughts about limitations of image-data constituting "previews".
In reply to gollywop, Jun 26, 2012

gollywop wrote:

A very thoughtful statement, DM, and one that deserves more of a reply that I have time for at the moment.

Appreciate your taking the time to read and to think about these things. How the live-previews are generated has always interested me - and this matter of preview-mode "blinking highlights" indicators really "brings such curiosities home" in a very real way, where a true understanding really matters where it comes to the capacity of such systems as implemented by Olympus to provide either a useful (or an only marginally, and only in some certain cases useful) functionality to RAW ...

I would love for Chris or others (Timur, maybe?) who have better technical knowledge of how these things work and what's possible to chime in.

Chris seems to have more insight into the inner workings of such systems thatn anybody who I have seen posting here. His thoughts are always interesting and much appreciated. Timour is a master of hands-on observation - and has brought many salient details to light as a result of his efforts, indeed.

But I suspect any suggestions would just be allocated to the dream pile; I doubt that anything good, even if practical, would be adopted by Olympus.

I have never been one to get "dreamy" about the idea of huge, monolithic multi-national corporations paying one whit of attention to isolated information from small bands of nerds who manage to (or attempt top mange to) "decrypt" the heavy-duty layers of proprietary "secret sauce" which surround these products. I suspect that sun publicity is seen as more a nemesis than a boon by the marketing and even the engineering personnel of (all) of such camera manufacturers. As in so many things in life, the "right thing" is only done reluctantly, after all of the less enlightened and downright inequitable schemes are attempted.

All of the camera manufacturers have been begged for years to achieve this sort of facility -- and they have all shown adamant resistance.

You make my case (as presented above). This is a market aimed for JPGers, and it is imperative that they be kept in the dark as to what is really going on - so that they will be assuredly seduced by mostly hollow marketing claims of "quantum leaps in technology" ona n annual (or even a semi-annual) basis ...

Thanks for the links to the J C Brown posts. They deserve real attention (I missed them since I stopped following that thread after Round 1 :)). I notice, however, that both the DPR chaps, R Butler and Andy Westlake, completely ignored that subthread.

A very astute and accurate observation - which I have passeed along to J C Brown is private communications. He is a very thoughtful and thorough fellow whose tremendous efforts all too often have gone unrecognized and thoroughly unappreciated - which is embelematic of the dearth of genuine technical interest and knowledge that exist at DPR and on it's forum (save for a very notable as well as invaluable few persons). As Andy Westlake said, (something to the direct effect of), "We are a review site, not a scientific testing lab" ...

In addition to here recognizing J C Brown 's contributions to DPR forum-content, I'd like to thank you as well. You are the rare case of a owner/user (in this case, of the E-M5) who shows a genuine interest in discovering the real and actual operational charcteristics of your machinery . As far as I'm concerned, the only truly valuable information to be posted or found on "gear" forums relates to the limitations and flaws surrounding various camera models and lenses. Makes sense ...

The norm, however, is largely people who either wish for this or that to be "groovy", and/or have already invested their monetary wealth into a given product. From the technically competent to mere vapid, vacuous, and snobbish posers, their endless "rationalizations" (funny that it would be termed that, as "rational") which amount to little more than self-comforting which transparently belies the fact that they desire to purposely ignore and look past limitations or flaws of their objects of lust (or their acquisitions) for purposes that are meaningless outside of their own heads.

I own and use a DMC-GH2, and am fully capable of discovering the good things about it. In some cases where another person inquires, and is perhaps not aware of such (what I perceive to be) "good things", reciting them may have it's place. But I (and most others) learn nothing new from such comforting transactions. I am much more interested in better understanding the linitations and flaws of the GH2 - and my posting history reflects that interest. There I really learn something.

So no, I am not a (to put it kindly) a "brand-escort". And I'm always pleased to interact with others whose intellects and interests transcend such narrow and largely self-deceptive compulsions.

People who feel somehow compelled to attempt to marginalize, trivialize, and "bash" ideas, concepts, and persons who they themselves simply are not able to understand readily show themselves to feel uncomfortable with their very own personas to the point of harboring an emotional need to project their own insecurities onto the likes of others. A "glee-club" mentality ...

They can put their "with all due respects" and chatter about "obsession" where the sun shines not

DM ...

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