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Glascope? Anyone using this to view SbS examples posted in the forum?
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Here's some interesting info on the Glascope. According to what the author found in his experimentation with a 30" monitor (like I have) I'd need to sit about 3' away.

I wonder if this would let me view the side by sides that have been posted here in the forum.

As I've cruised the forum and web collecting info to add to my feeble understanding of 3D stereoscope stuff a few things have "stuck." One thing was forum poster saying that eye crossing is a OK way of viewing. I first learned eyeball contortions for those mosaic images that look like a fabric weaver gone wild until you got tuned-in to the technique. Then I did it for side by sides photos and at the time it was no big deal. It wasn't until some years later that I tried it again and suffered enough prolonged discomfort from that effort that I've steered clear of it ever since. I don't recall the exact symptoms just remember it took a couple days for my eyes to get back to feeling OK again.

These parallel viewers or the glasses sound like a good possibility of "seeing" full color good resolution 3D without having to double joint my eyeballs. I'm wanting to learn more about them.

As for viewing forum posts Google Chrome browser which I've been using for a few years makes screen zooming in and out easy. (ctl-+ or ctl-minus) and I use that frequently to help me read small type. So this quick and easy screen zoom along with changing my viewing distance plus/minus 10" or so by leaning my chair forward or back would I hope give me enough control to use these glasses. Major benefit of the glasses is you don't have to hold them.


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