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good start
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Charles Pike wrote:

these both strike me as serviceable shots. you convey a sense of the basic message of the event, and you can tell people are on the move. the first one communicates more emotion, but is perhaps a bit softer in the faces than would be ideal. the second one seems more detailed, but also a bit like you are being watched warily--which is fine, but a little distancing.

neither one strikes me as a home run, which would encapsulate something essential about the event in one shot, and on the other hand just the two shots don't really contain the beginning, middle, and end of the story. so selection of just these two shots then seems a little bit arbitrary to me, assuming you were aiming for more of a photo-essay project.

... On this day Occupy Charlotte was walking up and down the street carrying these signs. How do you take a picture like these? .... Before I owned m 4/3 I would have taken this with my Nikon with the 17-35mm f/2.8 lens. It focused as close as 9”, so you didn’t worry about getting so close, you couldn’t get the shot. With the m 4/3 camera, you get the same sort of shot, but do not draw the same notice from people. .... Most of the time I set my G3 for closes subject and don’t worry about focus (it is always in focus) and work on composition.

with my ff canon i used to rely on the 16-35 to cover this kind of event (and sometimes still do). it's a great way to work. i assume the g3 would be pretty competent as well, though i might worry about the focus keeping up, or holding a high enough shutter speed without losing quality on iso (esp with relatively slow zooms).

these days, i am usually using an m9 with 35mm lens, even for tasks for which it might seem inappropriate. e.g., on recent shoots for a stage production, and for a dance class, i brought my canon thinking that servo focus and iso3200 would be useful. as it turned out, i ended up using my leica for the bulk of the shoots anyway. once you are familiar with one tool, it is often better to use that than to switch to something which looks better on paper, imo.

here are a couple of snaps from a similar sort of protest i ran into randomly the week before last. it was already getting dark, and all i had was the m9 with one lens; i mostly shot at f/1.4 to maintain a decent shutter speed.

i also don't really have a beginning middle and end, but i came in after the start and left before the end, so that was kind of how it went that day.

you might be interested to view some of marco's shots from the occupy amsterdam events which he posted to this forum a while back.

as you can also see, you can get some good feedback by posting photos here in the current street photography exchange thread--and also it's a good place to leave feedback for other documentary photographers...

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