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Re: Been a long time since we agreed (almost completely)

ZoranC wrote:

I will leave to the interpretation of readers who is one here that kept repeatedly trying to weasel out of answering straightforward questions I asked.

Here, let me recound the order of events. I recommended to someone if they were interested in a site with great photography:

When I want to enjoy the art and beauty of photography, I go here:

Then you jump in with an ad-hominem attack (the interested reader can follow the subthread from the above link).

And yes, you are weaseling out in lowest possible way because you can't condition discussion about your behavior on whether you consider somebody good photographer.

Both the snipe and the weasel are you, as in the subthread linked above, and as in this subthread.

It was not your photography that was criticized, it was your personality.

Except it went more like this from the beginning of this subthread:

You know I like discussing with you, so I welcome your presence in any forum I frequent.

So stay on topic if you are a man and not a spineless wimp.

And what topic would that be? The topic of sniping? The topic of ad-hominem? The topic of being a ++++++++ +++++++ +++++?

Your posts are yet one more example of mindless "entertainment" being thrown my way. It astonishes me that some fault me for answering the lies and hypocrisy of the likes of you in these worthless exchanges. It's as if someone were to fault me for beating a dog that got over the fence and came to attack me when I was out on a run.

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