The central AF sensor is almost always the most accurate

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Re: The central AF sensor is almost always the most accurate
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F/5.6 at which focal length? Which focus distance? At which print size? That spec is far to inprecise to be useful as any kind of measurement.

ThePaleRider wrote:

The outer AF points are specified as being able to place the subject within the DOF when the lens is stopped down to f/5.6.

Technically, it is anywhere within that DOF, with results roughly fitting a normal(ish) distriubtion around the precise point of focus. This is with a theoretical lens with no focus shift.

It does seem rather laughable that the spec is this lax, but that is how it is. If the point of focus is routinely outside of this rather wide region, the you may have an issue which Nikon will take seriously. If it is just imprecise, Nikon will likely say that it is within spec.

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