Reasons Not Rush to buy RX100

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John Koch
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Un mal entendido, ¿talvez?
In reply to Helena777, Jun 24, 2012

John Koch wrote:

I can't believe, however, that anyone will let a spouse throw an additional $650 at a camera instead of a least selfish treat, or something more practical. The price tops the boundary for triffles and whims.

Helena777 wrote:

By the way, "spouses" normally manage domestic economy better than the "husbands".
Buying a RX100 a woman is selfish, buying a RX100 a man, is a diferent thing...

"Spouse" is gender-neutral in English. But, most typically, the situation would be that un esposo who pre-purchases a $650 camera would be in big trouble when la señora found it had been spent on some silly induglence.


¡Caray! De nuevo una fortuna despilfarada en una idiotez: hasta otra cámara. Y por $650! ¡Maldición! Igual que gastar en juego y trago. Como multa, te voy a cobrar duro: porotos secos por un mes, y ya no pagaré la luz.

Anyone who buys an RX100 is particularly vulnerable to this plight if the person already has other cameras, since:

  • an RX100 costs much, yet looks like something that need not cost more than $400,

won't replace a DSLR for ceremonial events,

  • might end up useless if impaired by the sort of problems that beset early buyers of some "premium" Fuji cameras, or several others,

  • won't improve the husband's already problematic distraction from more urgent chores.

Y luego la dueña (sobre todo una canariana) podrá dar el golpe de desgracia:

Mi hermano (siempre más listo) tiene razón: Tú no sabes nada de nada. Él supo encontrar una máquina chica de la misma quantía de megapixles por solo $200, y tiene hasta WiFi y GPS. Veta a la eme, tonto.

Just the same, I'm curious why any woman would not be enthralled by the Nikon 1. Isn't it dainty? All the ads feature women, except the ones that employ an ugh who no guy would treat seriously in the matter of cameras.

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