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Re: 36mp a99?
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Budvarholsten wrote:

Hi Guys,

I'm currently a micro 4/3rds shooter but have decided to step up to the big boys league and go full frame.

I had sort of narrowed it down and settled on the 5d mk3 as it suits my needs best (I'm in a wheelchair and need to shoot using a tripod and live view). It's not an ideal solution but is the lesser of two evils as after reading about the d800 it appears the live view auto focus isn't that good and you can only shoot one frame at a time with a second or so delay between each frame. But I do like the idea of 36mp for cropability.

Ideally I also need a fold out screen and this is where it got me thinking about the Sony's. After reading about the a77 it appears to be my ideal camera with the fold out screen and fast autofocus using live view except of course it isn't ff.

As I've only just heard about this alleged new a99 I've no idea how long the rumours have been around and if anythings about to be announced?

I also appreciate that it's likely to have around 24mp and not 36mp but I don't understand why if Sony make the sensor for the d800?

bc sony cant squeeze as much out of their sensors as other brands can. this is why the K5 has a DR of 14.1 and the a55 only has 12.4. same sensor, same time period. different brands tweeking the sensor, different signal processing.

before I pull the trigger and buy the 5d I'd really appreciate it if you guys could fill me in on any details you may know as to when an announcement is likely and what to expect?

nobody knows when or even if the a99 will be here. its been a rumor for years now, you can look up threads on dpr from way back. pentax is supposed to announce a FF at photokina this year. if you can wait that long you will have a better grasp on the FF scene overall. im sorry to hear of your issues but its good to see you are not letting that stop you from enjoying life. dont get yourself too invested in any one system FF until you know what the others are doing.

the main advantage people here claim sony has is an EVF, but if you only use LV thats a non issue. Canon is also going to put hybrid AF in live view from this point forward, this will likely nullify the PDAF advantage sony has. it seems we are in a FF transitional period, things could change real fast this year. if you can wait and see whats going on, it may pay off in the end. if you want to see a hypothetical example, the 5DII and sony a900 were released at the exact same time in '08. heres a comparison of the two, both at high and low iso.

http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/studio-compare#baseDir=%2Freviews_data&cameraDataSubdir=boxshot&indexFileName=boxshotindex.xml&presetsFileName=boxshotpresets.xml&showDescriptions=false&headerTitle=Studio%20scene&headerSubTitle=Standard%20studio%20scene%20comparison&masterCamera=canon_eos5dmkii&masterSample=img_0057.acr&slotsCount=4&slot0Camera=canon_eos5dmkii&slot0Sample=img_0057.acr&slot0DisableCameraSelection=true&slot0DisableSampleSelection=true&slot0LinkWithMaster=true&slot1Camera=sony_dslra900&slot1Sample=dsc00063.acr&slot2Camera=canon_eos5dmkii&slot2Sample=img_0036.acr&slot3Camera=sony_dslra900&slot3Sample=dsc00045.acr&x=0.30462091435522237&y=-1.3936626580592641 . it appears sony incorperated some harsh NR even to raws, only had iso6400 tops, and had no video at all. if their old FF are any indication of a possible a99 i want no part of it. good luck to you, and keep them eyes open@@

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