Would like to upgrade from crop to full frame.

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Press Correspondent wrote:

mattr wrote:

However, even the 5D2 is not "unbeatable" value. It will be beaten soon by the Nikon D600...

Let's count the chickens after they are hatched

Well, for my style of shooting the D600 will have numerous advantages compared to the 5D2. Of course, you should decide yourself based on your own priorities.

D600 will not have a Sony sensor,

Yes, and what's the problem?

the body will be plastic,

Perhaps it will be lighter, good for backpacking. Especially when Nikon (and not Canon) offers a compact variable aperture stabilized zoom for full frame (the announced 24-85/3.5-4.5).

the LV will be crippled like on D800,

It is not crippled in the D800, it is just not as good in low light. How do you know that the D600 will have the same issue?

etc., etc.

You could indeed list numerous advantages the D600 will have...

Meanwhile 5D2 will further drop in price

Maybe, maybe not.

still with superior Canon colors and perfect grip.

Both very much controversial.

I am not at all convinced that D600 will be a better value, even if cheapper in price.

We'll see. And value differs for everybody of course.

Plus Nikon cannot deliver. What is the point of D800e being $200 less than 5D3, if it is $3,800 on ebay from shady dealers, but otherwise is not in stock anywhere for several months and counting?

You have a point here. I hate Nikons chronic delivery issues. Still, I got my D800 very early and easily and maybe they will get better. Also, perhaps this tells us something about market demand and "value" of their products.

PS: Just to be sure, you do realize that the D800 (and likely D600) has much better dynamic range at low ISO compared to the 5D2 (crippled by banding), right?

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