Canon 7D lemon and horrible Canon Customer Service

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Re: Canon 7D lemon and horrible Canon Customer Service
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You would almost start to think that there is a conspiracy to deny the 7D AF focus issues. Although possible, its more likely such people simply act as disbelievers to anything they personally haven't experienced. For some reason, they feel the need to personally attack anyone who suggests that the emperor has no clothes on. Its really odd since the case of the 1DIII AF issues are well documented including the blue dot copies from Canon. Its also quite humorous to observe the many on the 1D/5D forum who now openly admit about the poor AF of the 5DII. Apparently the AF in the 5DIII is amazing for those who need that function to be reliable and those that made the switch up to the 5DIII are simply ecstatic at the AF performance. Cranky 50mm/1.2 lens now actually focus as they should! Kudos to Canon for that! I'm very interested in that model but am loathe to switching to FF for bird photography. Canon says the 5DIII AF is better than the 1DIV whom also stated that the 1DIV AF is better than the 7D's. So even Canon's rating has put the 7D's AF only ahead of the 5DII. Not a great place to be. What also is quite observable, is that users of 60D cameras, 4Ti's, 5DIII's are not reporting AF issues in numbers anywhere near to that of the 7D. In fact, they are almost non-existent. So what gives? It can't be because of the super-sophisticated AF system it has. The 1DIV has an even more complex one and the 5DIII is yet, even more complex. Simpler AF systems like the 60D work very well, even without MFA.

Its really interesting to read about the many identical experiences that individuals have had with the AF of the 7D model. I personally observed one buyer go through several copies in 2010 at a brick and mortar store in front of the Canon rep before being offered a 5DII instead. He took the 5DII as at least the AF worked. After a few months he grew dissatisfied with the poor AF of the 5DII along with its too few AF points, and switched up to the 1DIV. Since then, the 1DIV has been the Canon model that produced the best live action captures he has owned.

It has been suggested many times on this forum that the 7D has a steep learning curve. After using the 7D for several years, I can say that an experienced 7D user can eek out many more keepers than someone who expects that they can simply "use" the camera. To do so, the photographer has learned the limitations of the 7D and has had to work extra hard to coerce the camera to achieve the best possible focus. (Try Spot AF, Single Point AF, etc etc until it works. Ignore the composition and move to a angle that produces more reliable AF). One has to constantly look over the shoulder of the AF to make sure it is doing its job. An immediate review of exposed images zoomed in to maximum is required to be sure that the focus is close as one is never absolutely certain until the images are displayed on a much larger screen. Even so, one must be prepared for lots of disappointment. I am always pleasantly surprised when the 7D nails the shot.

Travelintrevor wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Travelintrevor wrote:

While there are plenty of great 7D's out there, there is a large pool of them that falls can easily be classified as Lemons.

You just joined yet you seem to have an agenda knowing there is a "large pool" of them with problems. Just how did you verify this large pool? Quite a trollish post and users IMHO. Good luck with that.

I base this "large pool" on stats as found here:

and just doing an internet search. look at the link and note the "keyword search" and the number of UNIQUE hits (it is over 10K to save you the click). One could argue that is large! Then throw in the complaints here as well as other forums and pages and it = large.

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