Would you buy a 5D today? Honestly, I did a search

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Re: Would you buy a 5D today? Honestly, I did a search
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I tried to answer him but you already answered well.

Double MP doesn't translate into double resolution, far from it, similar between 5D2/5D3 and D800.

I also own both 5D and 5D2. If you don't print very big such as below 30x20" or only view at 2000-pixel wide and only shoot below ISO 3200, the difference is really small. I bought 5D in last Dec are - took fantastic bundle deal from Adoroma (I only paid $1850 after selling all add-on items), will convert 5D to a dedicate infrared body, got tired of dust, and most importantly I need LV to work with 24mm TS-E II lens that I also bought in last Dec, and if I need to print bigger at 30x20" and bigger or view bigger at 3000-pixel wide and above.

gipper51 wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

gipper51 wrote:

And yes, 12.8 megapixels on the 5D will still make a great 20x30" print with a good lens and proper technique. Images from the 5D enlarge VERY well. Don't get seduced into thinking 12.8mp is "not enough" for most typical applications.

You should post this in some thread where people argue 5D3 vs. D800

I think "most" may be a bit misleading here. Perhaps it is enough for most of what you do, but if someone does mostly landscapes, then for him 13 mp might be mostly insufficient. It sure is enough for many typical applications, except for those demanding more. The resolution of 5D2 is sufficient for virtually all applications, short of forensics or extreme cropping.

I am not doing a good job selling my 5D here

In my opinion, a 5D2 offers only marginally more captured detail than the 5D. There is more , but it's not this sort of "Oh my god, you'll be blown way!" difference people make it out to be. By the numbers it's about 29% more linear resolution assuming all things pefect. Yes, 29% is more , but even at large sizes it takes a pretty good eye to spot it. Once you reach a doubling of linear resolution you have a very real difference, at 29% non pixel-peepers struggle to see it when printed, or don't see it at all. Printed images from each body side by side at large size, very few would find the 5D unacceptable and a 5D2 tremendously better.

Just my opinion from a user of both bodies...

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