Changes everyone agrees on?

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Changes everyone DOESN'T agree on?
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OldArrow wrote:

... and while we're wating for the changes that would make Challenges fair and useful to those wishing to learn something from them, another problem is slowly becoming more and more obvious...

Few will learn anything from challenges that are administered by amateurs with no formal training in photography (like yourself) & are voted on by amateurs with no formal training in photography (like yourself)

Amazon (DPReview) are integrating the challenges as mainly a recreational feature for users & a means of propagating more use of the site. The existing challenge format suits this best. Many other public photo sites do the same. Increasing & maintaining traffic is the main intent, not the promotion of "purity" in photography

Two days before the submitting period ends, a simple Challenge like "Camera In Action" took 140 entry attempts to gather 68 correct images. Or, for every correct entry there was more than one that did not fit within the Challenge. And this trend seems to be swinging sharply upwards.

This in fact proves all of my previous statement. Most hosts' limited grasp of photography as a creative process is stunting entrants potential to express themselves

I tried to offer challenges that require/favor photographic know-how. Results are, in a word, depressing. Then I tried to make those which are only theme-dependent, and also those which offer a wide field of post-processing play. Then there were some where even the theme was of personal choice. Neither seems to help.

Read & learn -

So there must be something basically wrong at the Entrants' side of the story, and it is, to my mind, rendering the whole idea and processes involved ever more useless, and alarmingly so.

Blaming the entrants is very lame.

People enter Challenges but can not read?
People enter Challenges but do not (want to) read?
People enter Challenges and read but do not understand the simplest things?

People enter Challenges and do not feel the need to know the rock-bottom basics of photography?

People enter Challenges but don't care what they send in, as long as it's an image, regardless of the theme and / or presentation requirements?

You don't seem to to understand that you are taking yourself & the challenges far too seriously. This is a Global & public site. It attracts a wide variety of mostly amateur newcomer users from many countries & languages.

Comprehension & translation issues apply. There would be folks who participate that are clinically & ability challenged.

Consequently, take a few deep breaths & relax the narrow & strict definitions you are applying to the challenge briefs. Let the challenges take their course.

So who exactly are those long-awaited positive advancements in Challenge system for?

Answer: DPReview - Amazon

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